Shengsen Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. The founder of the company is "the concept of creating value for customers, not a one-time business concept". The company's mission is to strictly and accurately evaluate the tasks that each customer delivers to us. Sincerity, experience to give customers the best service.

It mainly provides diversified information services, including: creating extended IT teams, importing professional information consultants, creating Offshore Development Center (ODC), information system development, information consultant import, technical support and advanced technology import services. At present, the customer base covers a wide range of industries, including public sector units, finance, distribution, telecommunications services, manufacturing, information services, and insurance.

2019- Taiwan No.1 IT Numbers of Employee

For the past 4 years of continuous blooming in software field, to keep the fast pace of business model and talents acquisition for the best expertise that fulfilled to 3000 employees within the island.

2018- Taiwan No.1 IT Company Investment

The SYSTEX - Taiwan biggest IT Service company invested SHENGSEN as business partner for enhancing industry Win-Win strategy.

2015-Taiwan No.1 University of Technology Linked

National Taipei University of Technology is the most prestigious and its Innovation and Incubation Center has cultivated IT expertise in the industry, when SHENGSEN incubated in 2015, from then on most of the students recruited by SHENGSEN which enriched software expertise of the skill database.

2014-A Shining Star Born as SHENGSEN

SHENGSEN was established in 2014. The founder, Kevin Yang, has led the company to pursur the core competence for “Creating a value and not a one-time business for customers.”

Focus on "software professionals", create a "new state information service", Create value for corporate customers. Shengsen is committed to traditional information talent and advanced technical talent, support corporate customers in the information field and continue to lead the industry。

Founded in 2014, Shengsen Co., Ltd. is a continuously profitable and highly growing company with annual revenues and profits. The founder has innovative thinking, creating a unique company team that brings different achievements with different thinking.

Centripetal and caring for the hearts of employees, The emotional connection and technical improvement of employees is the most care of Shengsen.

nnovative model, dedicated to providing professional information services to customers and partners, Including professional software development, high-quality technical team station development, planning integrated solutions and importing high-quality international software, services include public units, finance, distribution, telecommunications services, manufacturing, information services, insurance Industry and other listed companies。 Let customers focus on product innovation and business operations, also let shengsen have more yuan learning opportunities, participate in the development of information systems for large companies in various industries, and also drive the growth of Shengsen.

Expanding the talents of Shengsen Information, investing resources in education and training, and cultivating outstanding talents, focus on new technologies and applications, follow future technology trends, and continue to strengthen Shengsen。